About our podcasts

Wild Spirit Education is on a mission to connect as many people to nature as possible. Wild Spirit believes in a hands-on approach to nature education, however when the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the schools, summer programs, eldercare facilities and our in-person public programs we needed to redesign the way we did our environmental education.. And thus we made a switch to distance learning and virtual programs.

We started our restructuring of our programs with live Youtube and Facebook feeds introducing our viewers to our educational birds. We soon started to video nature hikes and nature programs. We even created a distance learning web page for our Scouting programs.

So why a podcast? After the pandemic began we were notified that we received grant funding for summer programming that we had applied for during the winter months,. How were we to do public programs under the current conditions? The news came to us just as I had finished listening to a podcast about social distancing and the idea hit me, “why not do a podcast?”

What do I know about doing podcasts? Absolutely nothing! A couple weeks of research and a lot of “How to Start a Podcast” reading and I felt confident enough that we could pull this off.

Our mission has not changed, just the way we are fulfilling it. Our Wild Spirit podcast will introduce you to the wonders of nature. We hope that we can inspire you to enjoy, respect, care for and commune with the natural world.

If you ever have suggestions for episodes, feel free to reach out to me at Paul@wildspirit.org. Remember that this is new to us, so be gentle on your comments until we get this whole thing figured out.

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